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What we do

We provide a range of services for entrepreneurs who need to reorganize their own digital environment, data, devices and graphic design, employing  the best features of the latest technologies.

Organize your Data

Private Data Manager

In the age of “internet of things” it is very important that all our personal data are ordered and safe. We reorganize all private data to create a neat, clean, simple and functional digital environment.

File Management

Management and secure data archiving of digital files. Digital signature and digital archives from paper documents.

Contact Management

We sync all your contacts, including phone numbers, addresses, email accounts and more, on all your devices.

Cloud Sync

Account and Cloud services setup for data and devices.

Mailbox Management

We filter all your emails to sort and delete spam, newsletters and undesired emails. Setup of folders and filters, management and setup of certified email.

Login Management

We offer services for the reorganization and management of Accounts private credentials..

Optimize Simplify

IT Services

We offer a complete IT services suite to enhance your business or private digital environment.

Everything is right

Hardware Software Setup

In a smart world where everything is connected but does not always work well, we offer services for the configuration of all personal devices trying to verify and simplify their use.

Device Update

On-demand and on-site scheduled device updates.

IT Remote Assistance

We support our clients with  IT Remote Assistance.

IT Consulting

We provide IT consulting on-site, by phone and by remote systems to introduce and implement new technologies for personal and business use.

Organize and Convert

Documents and Files

We provide solutions for organizing and managing  digital files and paper documents for both personal and business use. We also take care of converting all your paper documents into digital files in a unique and intuitive digital archive, ready to be consulted from any devices, anywhere.

Look & Feel

Graphic Design

We create websites, custom graphic design, business cards, professional email signatures, web banners, logos and brochures. We also pitch our clients new ideas for custom graphic design based on the look and feel of their website.

Sync All Devices

Cloud Syncronization

We can convert paper documents and make them available in digital format. Our objective is to set up the configuration of cloud services in order to make personal data and settings accessible from all  devices.

Clean and Maintenance

Mailbox Setup

We manage the setup and maintenance of personal and business mailboxes. We offer services to keep a neat and tidy inbox, free of spam and undesired emails, with filter rules on every account on all devices to automatically archive, delete or forward emails..

Our Tools

WebSite Building and SEO

We create qualitative websites. We are always looking for the most attractive graphics and we always guarantee excellent positioning in the best search engines.

Improve your Businnes

Data Analytics Manager

We offer to our clients services based on the analysis of administrative procedures aimed at identifying the best solutions for their business, in order to simplify bureaucracy.

About Us

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…. in Monaco, a service that was missing.

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…. a real help to the use of new technologies.

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…. assistance that really simplifies and optimizes the personal IT infrastructure

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To know more about our services, or for a quotation, contact us via this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. At the moment we provide our “on-site” services in Monaco (MC) and Beausoleil (FR).

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